Comprehensive guide on how to implement best practices to create an effective referral marketing program that works for your business. This videos series covers all the aspects of a referral program right from determining the right incentive structure to generating a positive ROI.

What is referral marketing?

  • Overview of referral marketing
  • Influence of social media on referral marketing

How does referral marketing compare with other channels of marketing?

  • Learn how referrals are cost effective in comparison  to other channels of marketing
  • Explore the benefits of a referral program

What are the best practices to create an effective referral program?

  • Learn best practices to create a referral program
  • Tips on how to get your referral program noticed by your customers

How I determine the right offer or incentive structure for my referral program?

  • Learn the three critical components to create a compelling incentive structure for your referral program

How do I ensure that my referral program is ROI positive?

  • Tips on how to generate positive ROI from a referral program
  • Insights on how to structure your referral program to align with your business objectives

Can one create a referral program for a content site?

  • Inputs on implementing  a referral program for a content site
  • Tips on how to offer rewards to customers for a non transactional website

Is there any research that shows referral marketing can be effective?

  • Learn why creating a referral program should be at the top of your marketing priority

What are some of the best practices to promote a referral program?

  • Inputs on why promoting a referral program is a must
  • Tips to promote a referral program onsite, offsite and offline