Engage your customers repeatedly on multiple dimensions with a loyalty program. Give your customers a reason to return with a loyalty program software.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Maximize customer engagement, retention and revenue with a modern, 360-degree customer loyalty rewards program.

Many Flavors Of Loyalty

Transactional Loyalty: Rewards for repeat transactions

Achieve customer retention, identify different transactions to reward your customers at different purchase stages of a rewards program.

Social Loyalty: Rewards for activities on social media

Customers today are talking actively about their brand experiences, sharing feedback and recommending products on social media. Create rewards for different activities like sharing, reviews, follow on different social media platforms etc.

Behavioral Loyalty: Rewards for specific user behaviour

Loyal customers show behavioral loyalty by not switching to another brand. Recognizing and rewarding such behavior, deciding the type of behavior to be rewarded is critical for a brands success to achieve customer retention.

Advocacy Loyalty: Rewards for referrals

Activating your loyal customer base starts by identifying customers who are spreading the most positive messages about your brand. Customer advocacy matters, make every referral count, reward your brand advocates and encourage them to spread the good word for your brand.

Engagement Loyalty: Rewards for different interactions

Increasing customer engagement makes it more likely that your customers will spread positive word of mouth about your brand throughout the customer life cycle. Rewarding customers for email sign ups, reviews, social following etc. results in customer loyalty.

Loyalty program many flavors

Grow Your Business

Ideal loyalty platform for mid-size and large enterprises. Packed with features of an enterprise loyalty program.

80% Repeat Sales




G2 Crowd Names Zinrelo as #1 Loyalty Management Software

244 Loyalty companies reviewed by G2 Crowd. Zinrelo ranked #1

G2 Crowd names zinrelo as number one loyalty management software - updated

G2 Crowd Names Zinrelo as #1 Loyalty Management Software

244 Loyalty companies reviewed by G2 Crowd. Zinrelo ranked #1

G2 Crowd names zinrelo as number one loyalty management software - updated mobile

Your customers deserve the best, stand out from the rest! Here’s how:

maximize customer retention with loyalty rewards program

Maximize Customer Retention

Unlock 360 degree loyalty by rewarding customers for various actions

Award points for purchases, referrals, reviews, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and much more

Segment customers into tiers. Make them feel special

Special benefits for members in higher tiers. Free shipping, exclusive discounts etc.

Engage and convert customers with a built-in messaging engine

Points awarded, eligible for rewards, inactive customers, reward coupons and more

Avoid Discounts. Preserve Margins

Run loyalty promotions to create repeat buyers and avoid one-time bargain hunters

Triple points weekend, double points wednesday, 5X points for a special product category and more

Flexible reward options to maximize margins

Gift certificates, discounts, free shipping, free products and more

preserve margins loyalty rewards program

Easy To Use Loyalty Rewards Program

Dead-simple administration from the Zinrelo admin console

Manage activities, rewards, emails, dashboard, points expiration, members from a single web interface

Easy, pre-built integrations with all systems

e-Commerce, POS, mobile, CRM, email service and more

API-first platform guarantees future extensibility and integration

Ability to integrate with any legacy or custom implementation

Increase Your Business Stature

Fully customize the loyalty rewards program to match your brand

End-user dashboard, color palettes, text, placement, custom CSS

Multi-language capabilities

Users see the rewards program in their own language

Omni-channel capabilities

Users can earn or redeem points on website, in-store POS and mobile app. Mobile SDK is available

increase business stature with loyalty program
improve customer service with loyalty program

Improve Customer Service

Get an instant view of a customer’s overall value

Member profile drill-down. Purchases, referrals, reviews, social media activity, rewards program tier, etc.

Comprehensive customer service options

Add points, upgrade tier, unsubscribe, rewards program points history, purchase history etc.

Enter Your Revenue
Total revenue generated per year
loyalty program user experience

Deliver A Great Rewards Program Experience 

Sample screenshots of the dashboard for the end user experience and selected screenshots showcasing the loyalty program administrator experience. Empowering brands to create the best loyalty programs.

Stunning Rewards Program To WOW Your Customers

Here are few of our handpicked stores who have implemented a 360-degree rewards program.

zents royalty rewards program by zinrelo

Customer Speaks

Experience The Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

We’ve added growth zing to 100s of businesses. Contact us to learn how your business can benefit from Zinrelo too!

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