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244 Loyalty companies reviewed by G2 Crowd. Zinrelo ranked #1


244 Loyalty companies reviewed by G2 Crowd. Zinrelo ranked #1

Keith Ching
Global Head of eCommerce & Digital Experience
Brittany Boykow
 E-Commerce Manager & Digital Marketing Analyst
Tim Meyer
Account Manager
Icebreaker Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Yon-Ka Paris Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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France & Son Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Experience The Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

Reviews across different platforms

We intuitively know that loyalty reward programs help increase repeat sales. The A/B testing helped quantify the impact.

Fabricio Sant’Anna
Marketing Manager, Nature’s Fusions

“The results from the rewards program are encouraging; in just 6 months after launching the rewards program our customer retention rate has increased by 14X.”

Anthony Scott
Director of Digital Operations, Atrantil

“The results with the rewards program are exciting. 90% of our customers who claimed their rewards came back to make a repeat purchase. ” Read More

Joy Barberio
VP of Marketing, The Catholic Company

“We love Zinrelo and so do our customers! Such great feedback from this app and our customers keep coming back for more. The customer support team with Zinrelo is great and helped us move from our other platform without hassle. I can’t thank them enough.” Read More

Jake Garber
Lifeline Pet Supplies

“Zinrelo was able to offer us a solution for both tracking our points in a different system for upload to their platform as well as fulfilling the prizes associated with those points outside of our Magento cart. Zinrelo team is poised to offer solutions, custom development, deliver on time and are there to support you throughout the entire project.” Read More

Lynn Meyer-Kelzenberg
Online Store Manager, CM Group Holdings Inc.

“Excellent software! We are offering customers the ability to earn and use points based on purchases. The response has been very good. The software is easy to use and customers love it! The point system is a great feature and customlizable. The setup was a little difficult, but we have a custom ASP storefront. If you are looking for a complete package Zinrelo is it!” Read More

Stephen Paizis
Marketing Director, Briley.com

“Easy setup and integration. Customers have really enjoyed having a kickback to use later for purchases. I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from them. Any small issues that have popped up have been solved quickly and efficiently by the support team. Would recommend and will be installing on our other sites.” Read more

Mike Sisk

“Customer service is OUTSTANDING! I can’t wait to see the results that this app will bring in! Thank you so much!.” Read more

Theresa Touhey
Nature Reflections

“The setup of the rewards program was very simple. We expect the program to help us a lot with customer retention. Shawn, the Customer Support Manager, provided timely support in getting the questions answered and problems resolved.”  Read more

Green Led Zone

“I am extremely impressed by the value we have received from this app. Zinrelo has been very responsive and even made a change for us!.” Read more

Katie Key
Director of Operations, HarperCollins Publishers

“Just Installed this app. Seems to have wonderful features to help us attract customers for our online store. A must app for every new start up.” Read more

Manpreet Singh
Amulak Creations

“This is one of the most user friendly and flexible apps we could find! It comes ready to go active right out the box, but it also provides a very customizable platform. The staff is super friendly and available right away, and with fast and real results (hard to find with these types of services). The pricing is also very friendly and can accommodate any company’s gradual growth. We are very impressed so far, and we will use Zinrelo with our 2 other websites very soon! I seriously recommend Zinrelo!” Read more

Felix Silva
Texas Lone Star Tamales

“Tried every single rewards app available and this one is the best – simple and straightforward. It has the best interface in because the dashboard is clean and not cluttered like the other apps. I had a few questions and Yayha replied promptly through email, support is fantastic. We are just starting off launching a simple rewards program, this app gets the job done!” Read More

Jasper Tang
I Love Coffee Beans HK

“We’ve test driven every loyalty app available, and this is hands down the very best loyalty solution available. Their support is absolutely world-class. We received a phone follow up on day one. Who does that?! I’ll tell you who… Zinrelo. We highly recommend this great company.” Read More

William Vickers
ChangeMint, LLC

“I’ve toyed around with other reward and social sharing add-ons, and this is by far and above the best application out there. It’s nice to have the social sharing and rewards program all within the same app. I had my web tech install it and he rated it 5 stars out of 5. Easy to implement and manage. Looks nice on the website and operates smoothly.” Read More

Bryan Binney
Moccasins Direct

“Simple integration and easy configuration helped us launch the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program quickly. We had a lot of questions, are were very happy with the support we received during the store set up. We have seen great results using the program.”
Read More

Brittany Rothdeutsch
Brand Manager, Jettribe

“Patient, kind and quick! Zinrelo’s support team is world class. I can only image how much of a pain it was helping me to understand errors and getting me on track to correcting their problem. True experts in the field. Functionality, support team and overall ease of use, is unparalleled among every other Shopify app I’ve installed.”
Read More

Tim Meyer
Account Manager, France & Son

“We really love this program. It’s been great to be able to custom create rewards for our customers. Even our customers have given us great reviews with how easy it is for them to redeem their rewards.”
Read More

Crystal T
CEO, Your Craft Supplier

“Simple integration and easy configuration helped us launch the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program quickly. We are very happy with the support received during the store set up.”
Read More

Luciana Torous
Owner & Founder, 3 Leaf Tea

“We have been a Zinrelo customer for over three years and it has been an important asset for our small marketing team. Zinrelo loyalty rewards platform automates much of that task. They have a highly responsive customer success team. Our loyalty members are buying more frequently and spending more money resulting in an average of 64% higher revenue per customer.” Read More

Paul Warfield
Marketing Manager, Evan-Moor Education Publishers

“Great service with extremely professional customer support. Very happy with the response time from these guys! Would recommend giving them a try.”
Read More

Sam Gastro
CEO, MyGiftCardSupply

“Zinrelo provides a solid Loyalty product that incorporates marketing automation and allows us keep the program top of mind with our customers. It’s a comprehensive platform that does everything from tracking Loyalty to promoting customer engagement.”
Read More

Larry Gary
Digital CRM Director, FSA Store

Experience The Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Platform

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