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Brittany Boykow
 E-Commerce Manager & Digital Marketing Analyst


  Zinrelo has been working great for us. Once my developer placed the script on our website, I could control the entire program from their website with ease. 

Tim Meyer
Account Manager

  We are very happy with the Zinrelo support team, they are super responsive and help provide excellent solutions.

Keith Ching
Global Head of eCommerce & Digital Experience

  Customizable, cost effective, robust solution with a super responsive team has helped us create a highly customizable loyalty program for our customers.

Yon-Ka Paris Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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France & Son Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Icebreaker Testimonial – Zinrelo Loyalty Rewards Program
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Reviews across different platforms

“Zinrelo provides a solid Loyalty product that incorporates marketing automation and allows us keep the program top of mind with our customers. It’s a comprehensive platform that does everything from tracking Loyalty to promoting customer engagement.”
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Larry Gary
Digital CRM Director, FSA Store

“Great service with extremely professional customer support. Very happy with the response time from these guys! Would recommend giving them a try.”
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Sam Gastro
CEO, MyGiftCardSupply

“We have been a Zinrelo customer for over three years and it has been an important asset for our small marketing team. Zinrelo loyalty rewards platform automates much of that task. They have a highly responsive customer success team. Our loyalty members are buying more frequently and spending more money resulting in an average of 64% higher revenue per customer.” Read More

Paul Warfield
Marketing Manager, Evan-Moor Education Publishers

“Simple integration and easy configuration helped us launch the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program quickly. We are very happy with the support received during the store set up.”
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Luciana Torous
Owner & Founder, 3 Leaf Tea

“We really love this program. It’s been great to be able to custom create rewards for our customers. Even our customers have given us great reviews with how easy it is for them to redeem their rewards.”
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Crystal T
CEO, Your Craft Supplier

“Patient, kind and quick! Zinrelo’s support team is world class. I can only image how much of a pain it was helping me to understand errors and getting me on track to correcting their problem. True experts in the field. Functionality, support team and overall ease of use, is unparalleled among every other Shopify app I’ve installed.”
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Tim Meyer
Account Manager, France & Son

“A great addition. It’s super easy to use and navigate, but support is available if you need it as well! The free trial has very little options, but I don’t think that’s to not be expected. I’ve received traffic I might not have gotten on my own.”
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Zyanya Redtop
Business Owner, K. Jade LLC

“Simple integration and easy configuration helped us launch the Zinrelo loyalty rewards program quickly. We had a lot of questions, are were very happy with the support we received during the store set up. We have seen great results using the program.”
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Brittany Rothdeutsch
Brand Manager, Jettribe

“I’ve toyed around with other reward and social sharing add-ons, and this is by far and above the best application out there. It’s nice to have the social sharing and rewards program all within the same app. I had my web tech install it and he rated it 5 stars out of 5. Easy to implement and manage. Looks nice on the website and operates smoothly.” Read More

Bryan Binney
Moccasins Direct

“It has all the features for a loyalty program. And I like the Instagram Share Feature very much. It can give loyalty point to member by Instagram Hashtag, the only extension that I found have this special and useful features.”
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Mike Cheng
Program User

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