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Since 2010, Zinrelo is bringing you the world’s best loyalty and referral programs, helping to maximize customer acquisition, engagement and retention through 360-degree customer interaction.

Our founders, Jai Rawat and Samir Palnitkar, realized that the two most powerful marketing strategies, loyalty rewards and referrals, needed to get a modern facelift.

Traditional loyalty rewards programs award points to users for their purchases. However, that is a rather myopic approach. To create fiercely loyal customers, businesses have to engage them repeatedly on multiple fronts.The concept of a 360 degree loyalty program does just that. It accounts for the modern interaction paradigm and allows businesses to reward customers for all types of engagements such as purchases, social advocacy, reviews, sign-ups, referrals, photo sharing etc.

Likewise, word-of-mouth referrals has always been the most effective and trusted customer acquisition channel. However, before social media these word-of-mouth conversations were limited to onsies and twosiesin parties and break rooms. The advent of social media has created a platform where word-of-mouth recommendations can be harnesses at scale. Zinrelo recognized that early on and has created a powerful referral program that truly leverages the power of social to generate meaningful new customers and revenue.

In short, Zinrelo has added a modern zing to the already proven marketing strategies of loyalty rewards and referrals.


Our leadership team  comprises the brightest minds in the industry from Google, Facebook,  America Online, Starbucks, Sun Microsystems, Eddie Bauer, eBay and Bazaarvoice.

Jai Rawat



Samir Palnitkar


Zinrelo team


Zinrelo why are we so unique

Zinrelo is unique because of its relentless focus on building fresh and modern loyalty and referral programs. For example, Zinrelo offers the world’s only loyalty program that has been developed with a mobile-first approach and is fully API based.The API based approach allows for complete customization and deep integration with existing workflows, websites, CRMs and customer processes.

Similarly, the referral program has been designed to leverage all the modern communication channels. It delivers meaningful customer growth via an omni-channel, word-of-mouth strategy that encompasses desktop, mobile and in-store.

Zinrelo continues to innovate rapidly to maintain its leadership in the loyalty and referral programs.


Avenue Zinrelo customer

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