Zinrelo brings you the worlds best loyalty and referral marketing program. Zinrelo’s platform works for every business. Retailers, brands, travel sites, business services, internet & software, education, financial services, real estate, media and entertainment, non-profit etc. are using Zinrelo platform to enable loyalty and referral programs for their business. 

Please contact us to talk to an expert and learn about the best program for your business.

Social strategies for Retail_ShopSocially

Zinrelo works for both online and offline stores. It can be deployed in desktop, mobile or in-store environments.

Social strategies for Travel_ShopSocially

Your customers love their vacations, trips and memories. Get them to buy from you again and again.

Social strategies for Media_ShopSocially

Your customers love your product and services! Why not convert this loyalty in greater revenue and frequent repeat purchases?

Your users support your cause through fundraising, advocacy, events, gifts etc. Why not leverage this passion to increase awareness and run your campaigns effectively?

Social strategies for Education_ShopSocially

Students, parents, kids love your courses and programs. Why not leverage this passion to maximize reach of your brand?

Social strategies for Internet & Software_ShopSocially

Your customers love your products and services! Generate highly influential referrals, improve customer-engagement, increase customer base and substantially reduce cost of customer acquisition.

Social strategies for Business Services_ShopSocially

Zinrelo’s platform works for business services. It can be deployed on your website, on the mobile, and through email marketing programs.

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