ShopSocially Webinar on Social Commerce Success Story of LinenTablecloth was a Huge Success

LinenTablecloth has reaped healthy benefits from adopting the ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) social commerce strategy of adding social commerce modules to their e-commerce website. Besides a 4X increase in sales conversion rate for social traffic generated through ShopSocially apps, LinenTablecloth got an incremental revenue of $1.8M through social commerce.

ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) conducted a Webinar on this social commerce success story of LinenTablecloth on August 28th. Marketing manager from LinenTablecloth Ashley Thomas presented the webinar along with ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) CEO Jai Rawat. It was a huge success with more than 200 people attending the Webinar and actively interacting with questions and comments.

Recorded video of the Webinar:

Presentation used in the Webinar:

Key Social Commerce Learnings from the Webinar:

  • Pushing commerce on social media channels results in low ROI and poor quality Facebook fans. Key reason for this under-performance is the lack of purchase intent on social media networks
  • In contrast, adding social to commerce works better and can drive sales, social engagement on e-commerce site and generate quality word-of-mouth promotion
  • Visitors on e-commerce site have an obviously higher purchase intent. This can be used to convert visitors into quality Facebook fans by using a Facebook Like-gated coupon system. Since visitors now feel they have “earned” the coupon in exchange of a Facebook Like, they are more likely to convert into paying customers
  • Social testimonials are biggest influencers in the user’s purchase decision. By inducing website users and customers to share your e-commerce site with their friends on social network, online retailers can generate quality social testimonials and drive social engagement and sales conversion rate
  • These social testimonials also act as strong social signals which gives a significant boost to SEO rank of e-commerce website

To know more about the various social commerce strategies that an online retailer can adopt to realize tangible uplift in revenue and sales conversion, please click here.

Excerpts from the Question and Answer section of the Webinar:

Question: What kind of development resources were required to implement ShopSocially  (a.k.a. Zinrelo)apps?
Answer: ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) apps are very easy to integrate on any e-commerce site. It requires not more than 5 minutes and no support from IT team. For more details, please click here.

Question: How do you measure 4X higher sales conversion?
Answer: ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) tracks the user who has interacted with ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) apps and also the referral traffic generated through social sharing originating out of ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) apps. This allows us to track and compare the sales conversion impact of ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo) apps on the e-commerce site.

Question: How do you get the email subscribers into your email marketing software?
Answer: ShopSocially (a.k.a. Zinrelo)has integrated with some email service providers. Besides list of email subscribers can be very easily downloaded in form of a CSV file.

Question: Are the Likes mentioned for Facebook fan page or for store’s landing page?
Answer: Get-a-Fan app creates Likes for Facebook fan page, whereas Social SEO app creates Likes for any page on the e-commerce store.

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