Your customers love you. Get their friends to love you too. Grow your customer base via word-of-mouth advocacy. Get an average of 25% more customers by setting up a referral program for your business.


More customers through word-of-mouth ?


More effective than any paid marketing channel


Highest source of customer acquisition after SEM and SEO

Zinrelo referral program


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Referrals are the earliest and one of the easiest marketing concepts to understand. However, the technology behind creating a successful referral program today is anything but simple. Zinrelo engineers have created a fully automated referral program that hides all the complexity, offers a rich set of features and is a snap to deploy.

Referral program features


Native support for referrals via all the popular channels such as email, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.  Or give users their own private referral link to promote however they want.

Referral program - Easy referrals
Referral program - Flexible business objectives


Whether you want to acquire new customers, generate more sales, drive traffic, increase app installs, boost registrations or get qualified leads, the Zinrelo referral program can be tailored to meet your business objectives.


Get started within minutes with an out-of-the-box referral program. Or customize it the way you want. Upload your own designs, offers, colors, emails templates, text etc.

Referral program - Fully Customizable
Referral program - Flexible Rewards


The referral program can be deployed seamlessly across the desktop web, mobile web, mobile app and in-store environments. A mobile SDK is available to integrate the referral program in your Android or iOS app.


Offer your referrers a variety of rewards including discounts, products, free trials, store credits cashback etc. Set up attractive rewards that are most likely to incentivize your users to refer your business to their friends.

Referral program - Flexible Rewards
Referral program - Cashback program


Create attractive cashback programs where users can earn cash for referring your business to their friends. Zinrelo will handle the cash payouts.


Well researched email notifications to maximize referral activity and participation. All emails are fully customizable.

Referral program - Automated email notifications
Referral program - ROI based reporting


Understand the impact of the referral program on your business. View detailed reporting dashboards with insights into number of referrals, channels, top referrers, new customers and the overall dollar impact on your business.  Get a referral program summary report by email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.


Zinrelo referral program is pre-integrated with all major shopping carts and can be deployed in just a few hours. Zinrelo provides Javascript snippets to embed on the website, a Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) for integration on mobile and tablet, and API for integration with Point-of-Sale (POS) devices. Simple integration and easy configuration make the launch of the Zinrelo referral program a snap.

Referral program - Ease of integration
Referral program - Mobile SDK


Zinrelo is the only referral program developed with a mobile-first mindset. A powerful mobile SDK enables you to embed the referral program natively into your Android or iOS app.


Zinrelo referral stack has been architected to handle millions of customers and currently serves billions of hits per year with 99.99999% availability. Hot patching is used for upgrades and fixes to guarantee zero downtime. An edge-network is enabled to ensure the fastest delivery of content in any geography.

Referral Program - Highly scalable platform



Referral program - Color run case study

Color Run gets 12.32% more customers

Referral program - The Honest Kitchen case study

14% of Honest Kitchen customers refer to friends

Referral program - eGlobal central case study

eGlobal Central referral traffic converts at a 3X higher rate

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Zinrelo referral program can work for every business. Retailers, brands, local businesses, travel sites, business services, internet & software, education, financial services, real estate, media and entertainment, and non-profit can benefit from increasing their customer base via word-of-mouth.

Zinrelo referral program - retail vertical

Zinrelo works for both online and offline stores. It can be deployed in desktop, mobile or in-store environments.

Zinrelo referral program - Travel vertical

Your customers love their vacations, trips and memories. Get them to buy from you again and again.

Zinrelo referral program - Media vertical

Your customers love your product and services! Why not convert this passion into new customer referrals?

Zinrelo referral program - Non-profit vertical

Your users support your cause through fundraising, advocacy, events, gifts etc. Why not leverage this passion to increase awareness and run your campaigns effectively?

Zinrelo referral program - Education vertical

Students, parents, kids love your courses and programs. Why not leverage this passion to maximize reach of your brand?

Zinrelo referral program - Internet vertical

Your customers love your products and services! Generate highly influential referrals, improve customer-engagement, increase customer base and substantially reduce cost of customer acquisition.

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