Zinrelo enables you to build a customized loyalty program to achieve your business objectives.
Select the best plan for you from the options below.


per month
Best for new businesses
Upto 1,000
loyalty members


per month
Best for < $100K in
annual revenues
Upto 2,000
loyalty members
Overages 2.5c per
member per month
No credit card required


per month
Best for $100K - $1M in
annual revenues
Upto 10,000
loyalty members
Overages 2.5c per
member per month
No credit card required


per month
Best for > $1M in
annual revenues
Upto 25,000
loyalty members
Overages 2.5c per
member per month
No credit card required


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Zinrelo's Loyalty Rewards Program

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  • FREE





    • Pre-configured Reward Activities
    • Referral Program
    • GIft Coupon Redemptions
    • Loyalty Reports
    • Email Engagement Workflows
    • Mobile Friendly
    • Website Theming
    • Business Rules Engine
    • Points Expiration
    • Advanced Reward Activities
    • Custom Email Templates
    • Loyalty Tiers
    • Custom Redemption Options
    • Paypal Cashback Redemptions
    • Custom Reward Activities
    • API Access for Unlimited Customization
    • Webhooks Access
    • Advanced Business Rules Engine
    • Advanced Reports
    • Mobile App Support
    • Point-of-Sale Support
    • Receipt Scanning for Brands
    • Hide Zinrelo Branding
    • Customer Service View
    • Program Onboarding Assistance
    • Early access to features
    • Monthly Business Review

Zinrelo Pricing FAQs


Yes. You can export data from your existing program in CSV format. Reach out to our support team for help. They will help you migrate to Zinrelo.

Yes. Your plan is FREE till 1,000 loyalty members. No credit card is required to sign up. This plan is designed for new businesses that have just started and is free for life.

You will get a 30-day free trial from the day you launch the program. 

A loyalty member is anyone who creates an account or logs in on your website after you install Zinrelo. Previous customers who come back and log in will also be enrolled as loyalty members. Remember, that Zinrelo engages your loyalty members to come back often and make purchases.

You will be billed in US Dollars regardless of your location.

No. Billing for Starter, Growth and Professional  plans is month-to-month without any contract. You can cancel at any time. However, if the billing for that month has already happened, then the amounts already billed cannot be refunded.

No. A credit card is not needed to sign up for the FREE plan or any other paid plan.

Yes. When you hit 500 loyalty members, you will start receiving notifications requesting you to enter your credit card information. If the credit card information is on file, you will be automatically upgraded to the Starter Plan when the 1,001th member enrolls in your loyalty rewards program.
If you are on the FREE plan, and do not have a credit card on file when you reach 1,000 enrolled loyalty members, your FREE plan will be suspended.

Your monthly billing date is based on your last upgrade.  For example, if you upgraded from FREE to Starter on April 15, then you will be billed on April 15 each month. If you later upgrade to the Professional Plan on June 7, then your monthly billing date will be reset to June 7. You will receive a refund for the pro-rated amount.

On your monthly billing date, Zinrelo will count the number of enrolled loyalty members.  You will be billed the Plan amount plus overages based on the number of enrolled loyalty members on the monthly billing date.

No. Each plan comes with a set of available features and a limit on number of enrolled loyalty members.   If you need a specific feature, you must subscribe to the plan that contains that feature. For example, if you are looking for a referral program, you must subscribe to the Professional plan regardless of the number of enrolled loyalty members.

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