How to Measure and Improve Retention Marketing Metrics – Apr 19, 2017

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How to Measure and Improve Retention Marketing Metrics

Zinrelo Newsletter How to Measure and Improve Retention Marketing Metrics

The blog highlights the three most impactful retention metrics and how other companies have used them to build thriving brand loyalty. Get insights here


Loyalty Rewards Case Study – New Starbucks Rewards Program

The article talks about Starbucks loyalty program and highlights its success story. Starbucks loyalty program has been instrumental in propelling Starbucks to $19.16 billion in revenue. Read more to know why coffee lovers love the Starbucks Rewards Program. Know more


Instagram Stories is Now Bigger Than Snapchat

Zinrelo Newsletter Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories now claims 200 million daily active users, more than that of Snapchat’s 161 million that company announced during its IPO. Read on to find out more. Read More


3 Reasons Why Brands Should Improve Their Cross-Channel Marketing

Read the blog to get insights into the three main reasons why brands should endeavor to improve their cross-channel marketing for continued success. Learn more


How Modern Consumer Behavior Has Changed in the New Omni-Channel World (Infographic)

Check out the infographic to see how the modern consumer behavior has changed in the new omni-channel world. Know More


How to Align Email Marketing to The Buyer’s Journey

This blog shares tips on how to map your email marketing campaigns to the buyer’s journey and how you can match the right offers to the right prospects at the right time. Read on to find out more. Learn more

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