Loyalty Rewards Program for Magento

Magento is the leading provider of open source digital commerce platform and cloud-based omni channel solutions. Zinrelo brings world’s best loyalty rewards programs that is helping several Magento customers to maximize engagement and retention through 360-degree customer interaction.

The below steps are is aimed at helping you set up Zinrelo on your Magento store. If you need support installing this extension, please write to us at support@zinrelo.com and we’d be happy to help you out.


STEP 1: If your Magento store is 1.9, download the Enterprise Grade Loyalty Rewards Program from this link.
If you Magento store is 2.0, download the Enterprise Grade Loyalty Rewards Program from this link.

STEP 2: Unzip the extension file in a temporary directory

STEP 3: Upload the extension to your Magento installation root directory.

STEP 4: Disable caching and compilation mode. This option resides under System >> Cache Management

STEP 5: On your Magento server, run the following command on command line – php bin/magento setup:upgrade

STEP 6: Go Back to Magento store Admin Console. Under Stores >>Configuration, you should be able to see the module named Zinrelo Extension. Click on Zinrelo Settings

STEP 7: On the screen that appears on the left, select your store first  and save config. After this, click on Register button to complete the rest of the setup on Zinrelo Admin Console

STEP 8: Clicking on the Register Button will take you to the Zinrelo Admin Console. Start by creating an account at the Zinrelo Admin Console and review the activities and rewards that we’ve tailored for you and launch the program

STEP 9: Once you launch the program, you should be able to see a widget as per the below image on your Magento Store front-end. At this stage, Zinrelo integration with your Magento Store is complete.

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