71% of consumers who are members of loyalty programs say membership is a meaningful part of their relationships with brands – Bond 

55% of loyal customers recommend your business to family and friends, and 12% will publicly defend your company on social media. – Accenture 

Loyalty programs have a higher influence on Gen Z and Millennial consumer spend than on Boomers (66% vs 58%) – Bond 

In general, loyalty program members spend 37% more with a brand than non-members, but the impact can be much higher. – Retail TouchPoints 

61% of millennials use loyalty apps 1-5 times a week, compared to just 48% of boomers. – CSA 

Top three incentives for millennials to join a loyalty program: How quickly rewards are earned (43%), the variety of rewards offered (34%), ease of tracking and redeeming rewards (22%). – Software Advice 

77% of consumers say loyalty programs make them more likely to stay with brands – Bond 

63% of consumers say they modify their spending habits to maximize loyalty benefits – Bond 

63.1% of Millennials and 61.3% of Gen X view loyalty programs as important to them – AlixPartners 

Consumers spend 37% more with brands when they are loyalty program members; 70% of members say they are more likely to recommend brands with good loyalty programs, and 77% say loyalty programs make them more likely to continue doing business with a brand. –  Bond Brand Loyalty  

5% increase in customer retention can increase a company’s profitability by 75%. – Bain and Co. 

80% of your company’s future revenue will come from just 20% of your existing customers. – Gartner  

Attracting new customers will cost your company 5 times more than keeping an existing customer. – Gartner  

38% of marketers say their biggest 2015 challenge is improving customer acquisition and retention. – TeraData 

On average, individuals can sign up for a loyalty program in 2.15 different channels. The most popular channel to sign up for a loyalty program is the company website, followed by a point-of-sale location and the call center. – Experian 

69 percent of U.S. companies with loyalty programs track the lifetime value of each customer, for an average value of $1,803. – Experian 

The most important driver of brand loyalty for millennials is a great product at 77%, followed closely by brand recognition and trust at 69%. – Newscred 

“Fully engaged” customers (those with a strong attachment to the brand, or brand ambassadors) deliver a 23% premium over the average customer in share of wallet, profitability and revenue. – Capegemini 

A Totally Satisfied Customer contributes 2.6 times as much revenue to a company as a Somewhat Satisfied Customer. – Infoquestcrm  

85% of consumers say companies could have recognized & rewarded them for doing business with them. – Accenture 

34% of customers say they would not be loyal to the brand if it weren’t for the brand’s loyalty program. – BondBrandLoyalty 

76% of Americans think that loyalty programs are part of their relationships with brands. – BondBrandLoyalty 

Brands that allocate 20% or more of their budgets toward customer loyalty have a better understanding of their customers. – Loyalty360 

68% of companies report they are allocating less than 20% of their marketing budgets to loyalty, yet 58% of companies say that more than 20% of total sales or revenue is attributed to the program. – Loyalty360 

89% of social media sentiment on loyalty programs was negative among consumers. Key reasons for negative social media sentiment on loyalty programs: lack of reward relevance, flexibility & value (44%), lack of a seamless multi-channel experience (33%), customer service issues (17%). – Capegemini 

72% of women said rewards make them spend more vs. only 56% of men. – Cherrylondon 

Rewards entice 75% of women to trial a brand for the first time vs. 62% of men. – Cherrylondon 

Socially connected loyalty program members have an 18% lift in spend. – Loyalty360 

Socially connected loyalty program members have a 168% lift in engagement compared with non-loyalty program members. – Loyalty360 

Most important benefits to loyalty program members: discounts (79%), cash back (71%), rebates (70%). – BondBrandLoyalty 

63% of marketers say that engagement is manifested in customer renewals, retention and repeat purchases. – Marketo 

75% of consumers say discounted or free products was the most valuable loyalty program benefit. – Nielsen 

69% of consumers said they would break habit and choose a different brand in order to earn more points or miles. – BizBlog 

Among respondents who have redeemed rewards with their mobile phones, 85% said technology enhanced their experience. – Retail TouchPoints 

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