Why osCommerce and Zinrelo?

osCommerce is a leading provider of eCommerce tools to set up your very own complete and self-hosted online store website. Zinrelo brings world’s best loyalty and referral programs that is helping several osCommerce customers to maximize per-customer revenue and growth in new customers through a 360-degree customer interaction paradigm.


Zinrelo’s osCommerce integration is a combination of several apps, all offered in a single, unified cartridge. You might select all or pick a few apps based on your requirement. This integration will help you tap the maximum potential of your website traffic by enabling you to:

Acquire new customers

Acquire up to 25% new customers through result driven referral marketing programs

Increase revenue

Increase revenue per customer by 2.4x through a loyalty rewards program

Increase repeat purchases

Increase repeat purchase frequency by 80% through retention mechanisms such as loyalty rewards program


  • Access to an intuitive dashboard to control each aspect of your campaign without code change.
  • Comprehensive analytics showing key metrics such as incremental sales, conversion uplift, rich social profiles etc.


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invino Zinrelo customer
invino Zinrelo customer

Tony Westfall | CEO, invino

With invino being in niche business, it is important for us to drive quality traffic to our site on a regular basis through the right marketing channels. Zinrelo’s (formerly ShopSocially) result-driven referral marketing channel helped invino drive valuable word-of-mouth promotions and resulted in a marked increase in traffic and revenue.

Zazzle Zinrelo customer
Zazzle Zinrelo customer

Diana Adair | Director of Communications

Zazzle is the desired destination for every custom, on-demand product. We succeed when our customers’ creativity succeeds and adds delight to their lives. Zinrelo (formerly ShopSocially) is helping us convert customer delight into powerful brand recommendations adding measurable, high-quality referral traffic to our website. It was really easy to set up and we are delighted with the results.

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