Best Practices Guide To Create A Winning Loyalty Rewards Program

A modern day loyalty rewards program should enable you to reward users not just for purchases, but for all-round, 360 degree engagement. In addition, a good customer loyalty rewards program can improve your Average Order Value by 33% and enhance your repeat purchase frequency by 80%

Learn how to implement a 360 degree loyalty rewards program through the step-by-step guide and increase your per-customer revenue by up to 2.4x.

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Best Practices Guide To Create A Successful Referral Program

Referrals can be one of the top three traffic drivers for any business. A good referral program leverages your existing user base and turns customers into brand ambassadors. However, most businesses rely on haphazard strategies rather than creating a structured program.

The guide describes the best practices employed by businesses worldwide to build successful referral programs to convert customers into brand ambassadors and acquire an average of 25% new customers.

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