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Zinrelo Customer Case Studies

Zinrelo customer predator nutrition casestudy


Zinrelo customer FSA store casestudy

FSA STORE loyalty users spend 74% more


HOBBYTRON loyalty users spend 3X more

Zinrelo customer Evan Moor casestudy

EVAN-MOOR’S average order value (AOV) increases by 53%

Zinrelo customer Head Blade casestudy

HEADBLADE secures 60% conversion rate for its customers

Origene Loyalty Rewards Program

ORIGENE TECHNOLOGIES Average Order Value jumps by 34%

The Catholic Company Loyalty Program Case Study Image

THE CATHOLIC COMPANY achieves 65% increase in repeat purchase frequency

Sigma Beauty Loyalty Program Case Study Image

SIGMA BEAUTY secures 70% engagement rate for repeat customers

BedHead Pajamas Loyalty Program Case Study Image

BEDHEAD PAJAMAS Revenue Per User increases by 2X for loyalty users

Zinrelo customer firetech casestudy

FIRE TECH CAMP achieves 21.43% sales conversion rate

Zinrelo customer color run casestudy

COLOR RUN gets 12.32% more customers through referrals

Zinrelo customer eglobal casestudy

EGLOBAL CENTRAL referral traffic converts at a 3X higher rate

Zinrelo client Incipio logo

“Innovation in design and technology is the key for Incipio’s success. Our expertly engineered and stylish products continuously make our customers happy. Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is helping us create valuable social endorsements from our happy customers and boost our sales conversion rate.”
– Nicole Grodesky , Ecommerce Analyst, INCIPIO

Zinrelo client Avenue Logo

“Avenue being a specialty retailer for plus-sized fashion, our customers love us for the specialty fit we offer in every piece of clothing we sell. Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is enabling us to convert this customer affection into valuable social referrals and attract high quality referral traffic to our website.”
– Kristen St. Peter, Director, Ecommerce for AVENUE

Zinrelo client zazzle case study

“Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is helping us convert customer delight into powerful brand recommendations adding measurable, high-quality referral traffic to our website. It was really easy to set up and we are delighted with the results.”
– Diana Adair, Director of Communications, ZAZZLE

Zinrelo client towel case study

“We are very pleased with the impressive sales conversion rate of 29.59% has got from embedding Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) Social Connect and Get-a-Fan apps.”
– Barbaros Ozdogan, CEO, TOWEL.COM

Zinrelo client EzyDog Australia case study

“The app has helped us to empower more dog owners with our high quality products and enable them to enjoy the great outdoors with their pets.”
– Luke Htacher,CEO at EZYDOG

Zinrelo client case study

“We are fortunate that our company has been honored with a number of awards over the years and the proof of our collaboration with Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) speaks for itself.”
-Linda Remeschatis,President,WISCONSINMADE.COM

Zinrelo client TireBuyer case study

“By embedding Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) referral program, we not only generated handsome referral traffic to our site but also converted this traffic into customers. It has been a pleasure to work with Zinrelo and design a referral marketing program that is delivering tangible results.”
– Devon Butler, Senior Manager, TIREBUYER.COM

Zinrelo client Designer Intimates case study

“We are building Designer Intimates as the exclusive destination that offers the best deals on designer lingerie. Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) solutions have helped us engage our site visitors and brought us remarkable results within a short span of time.”

Zinrelo client Evan Moor case study

“Integrating Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) Get-an-Email app has proven to be a successful, cost-effective campaign. The easy-to-integrate app has helped us achieve our goal of growing our email list. Evan-Moor’s email program continues to be an effective online marketing channel.”

Vintage Marquee Lights

“Passion for creative designs is the key for success of Vintage Marquee Lights. Our customers are sharing this passion of ours far and wide on social media and getting us quality friend traffic. Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is turning our customers into social brand ambassadors.”
– Jerrad Green, Owner at VINTAGE MARQUEE LIGHTS

Zinrelo client Birthday Keepsakes case study

“Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is enabling us to expand our email marketing database at a rapid pace by converting website visitors into valuable email subscribers.”
– Karin Delaney, Owner at BIRTHDAY KEEPSAKES LLC.

Zinrelo client Chaser case study

“We are impressed and highly satisfied with the results Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) marketing platform has helped Chaser achieve.”
– Philip Williams, Director of Communications, CHASER

Zinrelo client Denby USA case study

“Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) referral app allowed us to translate the high customer satisfaction into influential recommendations and create a significant traffic flow to our website. We are pleased by the positive results we received in a short span of time.”
– Christine Jacobsen, E-Commerce Marketing Coordinator, DENBY USA

Zinrelo client Kigurumi Shop case study

“Our main objective was to reduce cart abandonment and encourage customers to complete their purchase orders. By offering an attractive incentive just before they were about to abandon the cart page helped us achieve an impressive sales conversion rate of 59.23%”
– Atsushi Miyamoto, Owner, KIGURUMI-SHOP.COM

Zinrelo client Safe Vault Store case study

“Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) has been an extremely critical component of our overall marketing and promotional efforts ever since we started using their business solutions. The results delivered by their different apps speak volumes about the company’s commitment towards delivering world class marketing solutions in today’s rapidly changing business scenario.”
– Desiree Bryant, Director of Marketing, Sales, & Ecommerce at SAFE & VAULT STORE

Zinrelo client plum district case study

“Social testimonials created out of social sharing of purchases are resulting in uplift in sales conversion and an improvement in SEO rank.”
– Jennifer Nuckles – CMO, PLUM DISTRICT 

Zinrelo client Monogramonline case study

“Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) apps have helped us achieve unbelievable results when it came to reaching out to new clients. Additionally, we managed to hit two birds with one stone as the apps also strengthened our bonds with our existing clients, allowing us to rely on their loyalty to our brand and ensure more business from them in the future.”
– Yianni Chamilothoris, Director of Marketing , MONOGRAMONLINE

Zinrelo client Jetsetter case study

“To see such a high conversion rate on shared purchases demonstrates how powerful word-of-mouth can be when it comes to travel.”
– Sean Murphy, Editor-in-Chief at JETSETTER.COM

Zinrelo client ks case study

“Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) referral marketing solution is helping us leverage the passion of our customers to increase our brand’s reach and bring in more customers.”
– Atsushi Miyamoto, Owner, KIGURUMI-SHOP.COM

Zinrelo client FootCareDepot case study

“The customer conversion rate we have seen so far is a testament to the value we have gained from Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) offering. We are very happy with Zinrelo’s social commerce platform.”
– Justin Dees, Founder, FOOTCAREDEPOT.COM

Zinrelo client TM Essentials case study

“We want our customers to get the best from their Thermomix with our range of kitchen accessories. To this end, we are always seeking for and trying out new stock. With Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) Get-an-Email app we not only get to expand our customer base, we get to keep our customers up-to-date with the latest range of accessories.”
– Debbie Wuoti, Director, TM ESSENTIALS

Zinrelo client BestBullySticks case study

“Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) A/B testing framework has helped us gain deep customer insights to frame the most effective social media strategies and maximize social ROI.”

Zinrelo client troo case study

“Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is helping us leverage the customer trust to drive viral spread of our brand and increase social sales.”
– John North, Director at TROO HEALTH CARE LTD.

Zinrelo client CurlKit case study

“Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) is helping us leverage the passion of our customers to generate social referrals and increase business.”
– Dino Cummings, Co-Founder at CURLKIT LLC

Zinrelo client Educational Insights case study

“Zinrelo’s (f.k.a. ShopSocially) social login app is helping us make our online experience a little more turn-key and enjoyable for our customers. It’s exciting to see such amazing results from the app.”
– Thao Truong, eCommerce Manager at EDUCATIONAL INSIGHTS

The Honest Kitchen

“Zinrelo (f.k.a. ShopSocially) has helped us to spread the word about our unique and healthy product through customers who already know and love us, to a wider group of pet owners.”
– Kate Fenner, Digital and Ecommerce Manager, The Honest Kitchen