5 Strategies To Convert Your Customers Into Brand Advocates

What do you think is the number one Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising and Brand Messages advertising strategy? Is it athlete endorsement, or is it celebrity endorsements on billboards, radio and T.V spots? Wrong! The correct answer is Word of Mouth (WOM) endorsement by your brand advocates. Yes! It is your brand advocate working overtime (and often for free) on various social media channels spreading your business message more effectively than any zillion dollar celebrity endorsements.

How Do You Identify Your Best Advocates?

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There are few popular ways to identify your brand advocates:

Track Your Fans In Social Media Channels  

The social media fans on your social media channels are equally adept at wearing several hats: thought leaders, salesperson, marketers, and content creators. They are more likely to share information using social media and online discussion dashboards to someone they know.

Identify Your Repeat Customers

The repeat customers are the best source of brand advocates as they visit your online store repeatedly. This gives you a better chance to nurture the relationship with them and give sufficient reason to talk about your brand.

Got Newsletter Subscribers? 

Your brand advocates are 53% more likely to subscribe to email subscriptions for receiving product related information. These pre-qualified customers who have already shown interest in your product and services are also most likely your brand advocates.

Using ShopSocially’s (a.k.a. Zinrelo) platform solutions, online businesses can derive information about a specific user, like:

  • The number of purchases made by the specific user
  • How many times he/she has shared your product/content on social media
  • Whether the user can be treated as an influencer or not


This information not only enables etailers to identify the brand advocates accurately but also to create highly targeted and personalized campaigns.


Strategies To Convert Customers Into Brand Advocates

92% trust their friend’s recommendation while buying a product whereas only 40% trust advertising. How to make your website visitors your biggest fans and advocates?

1. Unique Website Experience: Convert customers to brand advocates by providing an engaging and visually beautiful website experience. Give website users ample number of reasons to talk about their positive experiences with your company.

2. Share knowledge, win friends: Everyone is on the lookout for tricks, tips and shortcuts. So if you know how to solve a problem X with a solution Y, make sure you put it online. Since it is human nature to help, your customer will share your information with their friends, winning you new friends and more importantly potential customers.

3. Referral discounts: Make your customer your biggest brand advocate by providing referral discounts. If your customer knows that they will get a discount the next time they buy a product from your company by simply referring the product to others, they will most likely share it with their social circles.

4. Loyalty Programs: Loyalty is about the trust cultivated with your loyal customers. It is worthwhile because a loyal customer will stick with you even during bad times and refuse to get poached by your competitors. Involving the customer through a reward program will motivate him/her to have a positive outlook towards your brand.

5. Create riveting user generated stories: Your customer is dying to tell stories about their new purchases to the world. Businesses that can tap into this need can drive revenue as well as growth. Carols Daughter was able to drive 8% increase in total revenue and 2.5% in higher conversion rate through social traffic by using product stories.